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a lot of chocolate cake = laxatives (not looking forward to tomorrow, but i deserve it)

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lindsay lohan (1)

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easter break

fucking hell….. my parents will be home all week. can’t avoid meals or exercise like last week. damn it. i need results, but in this tempo it will take ages to return to my skinny old body. jesus christ.

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hangover x3m

holy god, were partying on friday, dead yesterday and now i’m almost alive again. drank waaay too much.. otherwise i had a great time. my hangover yesterday was still terrible, but one good thing was that i didn’t have any … Continue reading

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alys shee (1)

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extreme failure

what happened…? i ate bread. a lot of bread. white fucking bread. now i’ve been sleeping since i binged. not ok. time to do something about it… ┬ájust took a caffeine pill. soon i’ll sit down on the exercise bike … Continue reading

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freja beha (1)

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