diet buddy needed

is there anyone out there who, like me, need someone to share motivation and goals
with??? i obviously can’t loose this f*cking kilos on my own. need someone who also
struggles and want to have weekly (or daily?) contact with a diet buddy. interested?

would be nice to  share thoughts and wonderings… and not be this anonymous that
i have to be here where anybody can read my texts. my family wouldn’t appreciate
it. so, if you’re interested, write me a comment (your mail address will only be seen
by me  –  and then i can answer via e-mail). peace.

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5 Responses to diet buddy needed

  1. SkinnyLove says:

    I get you, I’d be also be glad to have dieting buddy.:) nice blog btw!

  2. dominique says:

    i will, if you want. aha.

  3. Victoria says:

    Hey I would love to be your diet buddy if your still looking? I need one badly!

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