escaping reality

tomorrow i’m leaving this country for another european city. i’ll try to escape reality for
a few days. or, i’ll try to start starve for real. haven’t had any success with it lately. how
sick am i? – i’m a fucking wreck!!! everyone thinks i’m all healthy and feel fine ’cause
i’m not that scary skinny anymore (’cause i have a normal /fat/ body)… really hope this
trip will give me some new energy to reach my dreams.

i’m travelling all alone. need to be alone for once. i need this.

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3 Responses to escaping reality

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  2. me says:

    We are on the same situation my weight is standing still and I’m getting really frustrated

    • anaddicted says:

      gosh i truly hate it! at the moment i’m trying to put together a diet/exercise schedule, cause i need to SEE on a paper what i’m gonna do. just acting after how i feel at the moment doesn’t work since my hunger feelings is totally fucked up. i really hope this schedule method will work. feels like i’ve tried everything…

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