stella maxwell (2)

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3 Responses to stella maxwell (2)

  1. Enomis says:

    I don’t understand… u wanna look like this? I mean, i sometimes feel fat, but i would never wanna get thissssssssss skinny. she’s like a toothpick. boobs and butt are attractive, not a flat board like that ^. A lot of really skinny girls at my high school get made fun of cause they r naturally skinny. ppl dont find it attractive to see someone who is only skin and bones. i have friends like that, who work so hard to gain weight, cause they wanna look hot. i really hope u’ll move on from the anorexia/bolimia or whatever u have. i have come to realize that beauty is not that important. ur lucky to jst be alive in whatever form ur in.
    a teenage girl

    • anaddicted says:

      I get your thinking, I really do. I know that girls with curvy bodies (rather a little bigger than smaller) are more attractive to men than skinny girls, like catwalk models. The thing is that I’ve been superskinny before, anorexia, I know, but since I’m this depressed when I’m big I rather go back to be superskinny and depressed. At least I dared to show myself in clubs and public areas with my model body – yes, I were an international model when I were sick. It’s a tricky situation for me, but I’ve come to the decision that I want to get skinny. I don’t really care about guys/or girls anyways. Just wanna feel pleased with myself. Hope you’ll never ever have to deal with this shit! Take care! xx

  2. D. says:

    I find Stella *very* attractive – perfect body, amazing lips, beautiful face. What more do you want?? And I am a guy! If models were unattractive, believe me, noone would have asked them to photograph them, much less to pay them for ad campaigns. The fact that these girls’ job is to sell products speaks for itself.
    But the most important is that you are comfortable with your body, so if you like yourself fat or skinny just go for it. No matter what there still will be men attracted to you.

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