mia diaz (1)

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2 Responses to mia diaz (1)

  1. gloria theodore says:

    she’s flexible,but not really skinny,more like normal weight;(Which is good). Another note about the mia diaz,pics -she kinda looks like a baby or something,(and im 16). I dont wanna tell you how to handle your blog,but maybe young kids shouldnt be used as thinspo,it can send a bad message. I really like your blog,its a lovely place to turn for thinspo and understanding…

    • anaddicted says:

      i know! the dancers are more an inspiration of dance and grace – exercise. i’m a dancer myself, who’s been in the national team (had to stop because of anorexia 2009 though, and i really miss dancing). i totally agree that kids shouldn’t be a source of thinspo. haven’t tagged those posts with thinspo, but it’s in the category “pics” (which happens to store my thinspo, but that’s not the real focus here).

      – and thank you for liking my blog! stay strong! (:

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