a little success

well hello there… wasn’t yesterday, was it!? i know i’ve been the worst with ‘personal’
updates lately, but i haven’t had the energy. just need to share my success with some-
one  –  i haven’t been overeating or bingeing this week. more than three ‘good days’ in
a row, that’s fucking awesome. can’t remember when that happened last time. wohoo.

i hope i’ll continue with this ‘flow’. if i succeed it won’t be long until i start losing weight
for real. finally. any other things that’s been happening in my life lately? hm.. well, i’ve
been smoking a lot the last months, which isn’t very good, but it’s calming me down at
the moment, so i’ll let it be. i seriously think i can stop whenever i want to, but for now
–  when the cravings still are a huge problem, i’ll stick to my lucky strikes.

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1 Response to a little success

  1. Me says:

    We are both on the same situation ive been smoking like crazy and im having issues with my over eating but im getting my control back ive been more mia than ana but im gonna try ana for a copule of months i desperatly have to lose weight ive gained so much from medication and binges im so sick of feeling all this fat im 5’11 and 240 pounds wich in early last year i was 180 not skinny but slim. My goal weight is between 110 and 120 and to fit into a size 3 or 4 i need an ana budy my fb is facebook.com/eatmyrottenheart

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