getaway, again

here we go again  –  tomorrow morning i’m leaving for a few days to my ‘secret retreat’.
last time was in february. that trip was a failure. but my whole year (actually, the last
three years) until this autumn has been a big failure. why couldn’t i start losing weight
earlier!? then i would already be back modelling… fuuuck. anyway, finally i’ve got some
progress !!! hopefully this trip will be great for me. it’s nice to be alone anyway. living at
home with your parents isn’t too good when you’re trying to lose weight.. especially not
if you’ve had serious problems with eating disorders before… not that i want to become
anorexic again !!! but, that’s what your parents think  –  and their comments isn’t really
what you want/need to hear in this situation…

hope everyone out there has had a better year overall. stay strong gorgeous !!!! peace.

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