About Me

i’ve had eating disorders for more than six years now. both anorexia and bulimia.
to be honest, my life has been a hell these years, a nightmare. still, i don’t wanna
stop. been to rehab and got back to normal weight, but i can’t stand it anymore…

LW: 99 lbs/45kg – when anorexia had me
HW: 174lbs/79kg – after bulimia and later ‘only’ binge eating (no compensation)
GW: 121lbs/55kg – i’ll get there, and STAY there

my measurements:

5’8.5″  ;  174cm
(US) 33.5-25-36.5  ;  (EU) 81-64-93
dress size:  (US) 6  ;  (EU) 36
shoe size:  (US) 8.5  ;  (EU) 39  ;  (UK) 6

13 Responses to About Me

  1. me says:

    I love this website I can relate with all the thinspo because those models are the same height as i am and it would be better if you post their stats:weight/dress size/measurements

  2. Chasse says:

    I just want to say thank you for being open with your eating disorders, I have had anorexia for about 11 years and I too have gotten help and got back to a normal weight and couldn’t do it and do not know anyone els with eating disorders who are open with it, I admire your courage ❤

    • anaddicted says:

      It really helps to know you’re not alone! I’m very open with my EDs (writing about my life and problems on my personal blog) but THIS blog is anonymous so my family can’t track it – just because of the thinspo pics, my family wouldn’t appreciate it…
      Take care! xxx

  3. Chasse says:

    It really does help thank you:)

  4. Me says:

    Can you please post thinspo from yourself since you’re a model. This is my favorite pro ana site and I visit it at least 2 or 3 times a week it’s awesome I can’t live without it. Good luck on your weight goal

    • anaddicted says:

      hi! i would if i wasn’t scared that my parents might find the blog! for me, thinspo pics of myself is the best – i know i can look like that again if i work hard. maybe in the future i can post pics of me. ’cause who knows, maybe i start model again when i reach my goal, and then it’s not strange if pics of me is showing on the site! and, if that happens, i will send you a mail and tell it’s me!

      and THANK YOU for your kind words, i’m so glad anaddicted is appreciated by lovely boys and girls out there! best of luck to you too! stay strong!

      • Severin says:

        Do you still plan to upload pictures of yourself at some point? I imagine that you’re very beautiful.

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  6. Melody says:

    You didn’t include EDNOS.
    EDNOS is a just as life-threatning Eating Disorder and is actually more common than Anorexia and Bulimia, yet everyone always forgets about it or does not include it.

  7. 4everimperfect says:

    Thank you for this site.

  8. Pam says:

    I love your site! Everything is included, special words on the right side, thinspo, blogs….
    For me it’s the best proAna site I’ve ever seen. I often look at your thinspo pictures you’ve uploaded, the beautiful models with the perfect skinny legs I so much love and their wondeful bodies and charisma. That gives me strength and motivation not to stop loosing weight until I have reached my target. All the best for you, Pam

  9. Pam says:

    And I am also a great fan of Diana Farkhullina!!!
    I love her beautiful skinny legs, the blonde hair and her great charisma! The most pictures in my Ana model collection are about Diana when she’s on the catwalk wearing Dsquared2! My favorite is the one when she wears the black dress and the black leather pants
    and from her décolleté to her arms are this red and blue lines, which look like veins and arteries for me. Well, Dsquared2 makes always really extraordinary clothes! =) love it!
    (But no one beats Alexander McQueen’s Haute Couture! 😉 R.I.P.!)


    PS: What do you like most?

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